The teacherapp for the Participation Grades

New view for tablets

available from 6.8 inch display size.

FlixGrade for tablets

FlixGrade: easy to use

It facilitates the management of the classroom and the evaluation of the student performance. A lesson begins when a class is opened and an input for a student is entered. All entries are simply saved with the current date. Also, grades do not have to be created beforehand for the evaluation of the participation - they can be entered directly. Other grades for tests or exams, like a vocabulary test, are defined once and can then be used multiple times for grade entries. All entries start with the student, - in the seating plan or in the student list, and are displayed there on one screen for the current teaching day. The following day, the entries can be found on the student`s detail pages. The lists and the seating plan are again free and clean of entries. Therfore the teacher can easily see, which assessments he has entered today.

FlixGrade: Large range of functions

With "multiple Selection" entries can be made for several students at the same time. The "serial input" is available for the systematic evaluation of the cooperation. A group assistant puts together groups that are homogeneous in terms of performance and facilitates the organisation of lessons during group work. All entries can also be made in the seating plan. FlixGrade the teacher app calculates a grade suggestion based on the selected grading system or in a percentage value (default). Seven grading systems are prefabricated. In addition, you can define your own grading systems. The tendency of the student performance is clearly shown with a regression line. The course of the lessons and important informations, like homeworks etc, are displayed in the teacher calendar for the current day.

FlixGrade: data protection from the beginning

The teacher app Flixgrade has a comprehensive data protection concept in accordance with the European Data Protection Act. The student data remains on the mobile device. With current operating systems, they are stored there in encrypted form. They are not transmitted to a central server. Since the data is not stored centrally on a server, it does not represent an economically interesting target for improper use. FlixGrade, the teacher app, restricts itself to the most necessary data ("first name", "last name") and uses neutral descriptions ("deviating performance assessment") in accordance with data protection requirements from the outset. All entries for a student are automatically deleted after a defined period of time. The default setting for the "shelf life" of the data are two years. This makes it easier to work safely and, as far as I know, is an absolutely unique feature for a teacherapp.