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the best teacherapp for the participation grade.

All entries can be done directly starting at the student. Alternatively procedural multiple entries and systematic serial entries are offered. FlixGrade provides teachers with precisely tailored information, thereby improving the quality of teaching. Individual feedback for the students increases their motivation to learn and their success.

Free for up to three classes an 80 pupils. Available for iOS and Android.

Mobile devices

The FlixGrade TeacherApp is optimized for larger smartphones and smaller tablets. FlixGrade should be intuitive to use. Therefore every documentation of the participation and performance of pupils is simply saved with the current date.

Grading systems

FlixGrade is the only teacher app with freely definable grading systems. FlixGrade calculates grade proposals for every pupil from the participation and weighted grade lists.

Grades tendency

FlixGrade is the only grade book that uses a regression line to determine the grading trend.


FlixGrade creates groups of any size. Students with different levels of performance can be put together in a "mentor group" or students with similar levels of performance in a "buddies group".


The FlixGrade teacher app has a unique data protection concept. The student data remains encrypted on the mobile device. They are automatically deleted after the set storage time has elapsed. The data are saved within the backup of the entire device.


FlixGrade clearly displays all the entries made to students on one day on one screen. The checklists are clearly displayed with the processing status in the timetable for the respective day. The history of lessons and attendance is saved in a classbook.

Seating plan

All entries can also be made in the seating plan and they are displayed together with the pupils there. The size of the seating plan is definable as required.

for iOS:

for Android: