Grading systems

FlixGrade is the only teacher app with freely definable grading systems.

Asessment of the participation grade

The asessmant of the participation is done according following scheme:
Symbol Percent Meaning
++ = 100 = very good, high commitment and very good contributions for the lessons
+ = 80 = good, active participation in class with good class contributions
o = 60 = satisfactory, the performance meets the requirements.
- = 40 = sufficient, performance has flaws but is enough to meet requirements
-- = 20 = inadequate, performance does not to meet requirements
= 0 = insufficient, performance does not to meet the minimal requirements, tasks are not even partially processed.

This rating scheme is built in and can be changed. You can freely define which grades are assigned to the percentage values.

Prefabricated grading systems

No grading system is set upon installation. The performance is displayed as percentages values. Shown here is the selection window for the possible grading systems. Clicking on the plus allows you to create a new grading system.

choose a grading system

Create grading system

You can use your own grading system to convert the performance from percent values into any required grading system. You can quickly create your own grading system. The grades are defined from 100% performance down. E.g. an "A" is over 80%, "B" is from 69% to 40% and "C" is assigned from 39% to 0%. The grading system "ABC" is ready.

Create a custom grading system.png