not only for art classes. Pictures of student work are helpful for discussions with students or parents, or just as a reminder.

Taking pictures

You can make pictures of the course of the lesson (e.g. writing on the blackboard) and with the comments on a student. You can also load images from the gallery into the app. Every picture also needs a text. Without comment, the picture will not be saved. A maximum of 4000 images is possible. They are scaled down to the size of 1 MB, which results in a maximum memory requirement of 4 GB.

writing comment with picture

Display of the images with all entries

The images are saved along with the comment. They are displayed in the chronological view of all entries and can also be deleted there.

overview of entries and pictures

Display in the student's grades

Here you can see the text and the picture. All information about the student are summarized on this page.

pictures in the students grades page

Display in large

The images can be enlarged so that you can read the texts and see details :-) uups, is the keyboard dirty.

size of the pictures